Gum Startup Social Video App
  • Gum Startup Video App iPhone
  • How to play the game

    Gum is a points game within a social app

    How to get sticky:

    1. Share short videos about your startup with a daily video
    2. Make friends and grow your startup network by liking, commenting, and sharing
    3. Build in public, go viral, and achieve your startup dreams

    Play the game:

    1. Join as a creator, investor, mentor, or fan (*Only creators can win!)
    2. Use the app and learn how to score points
    3. Top the scoreboard to win a cohort & funding

    Who are you!?

    1. Creator - startup founders or creators with an idea or product
    2. Investor - Pro or accredited investors who have access to venture capital
    3. Mentor - Founders with a successful exit or expertise to help creators
    4. Fan - Startup & tech enthusiasts, bloggers, and journalists

    *All users can earn points by participating in the community, but only Creators can enter the Scoreboard and win a cohort. Cohorts can begin and end anytime, but will likely cycle on a monthly schedule. Cohort winners will be rewarded.

    **Gum is a membership community. To maintain the quality & integrity of this community, we use a subscription model. Your subscription shows your authenticity and commitment to your startup dream, and also helps us build the best product for you. Thank you for your support!

    Navigate the app from the tab bar:

    1. Home feed of startup videos
    2. Search for users & see the scoreboard
    3. POST your video
    4. Invite startup friends
    5. See your profile, badges, & settings

    Videos to post:

    1. Creators - post videos about you & your startup
    2. Investors - post videos about you, your fund, & fundraising advice for startups
    3. Mentors - post videos with tips and how-to's for startups
    4. Fans - post videos about product releases, reviews, & more

    How to share videos:

    1. If you post a video to Gum, you can also share it directly to YouTube & Twitter (sign-in required)
    2. On any video, you can tap the smiley face emoji to share a video link on the internet
    3. On any video, you can long press the screen to pop up more options. From here, you can post the video to TikTok, IG, and more.

    How to get points & win:

    1. Build an awesome product
    2. Tell a great story
    3. Share it frequently
    4. Use the app and discover the points system

    Get help and tips:

    1. If you like Gum, please leave us a nice app review. We appreciate you, friend!
    2. If you have an issue, found a bug, or need help, please contact us @GumCreators on Twitter.
    3. Follow @GumCreators on all socials for tips, tricks, and special announcements.

    Our mission is to increase opportunity for ALL startup creators! Thank you for supporting Gum with your membership, 5-star ratings, and reviews. We appreciate your hard work to make the world a better place.

    🦄🥇 Stick to your dream with Gum!