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    Mission: Increase opportunity for all startup creators

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    Danny Tamez is the creator of Gum. He ships startup products with a team of builders at Tamez Labs, HQ in Austin, TX. He also invests in startups and is the independent backer of Gum.


    I made Gum for the entire startup community, but I designed it specifically for one special kind of human - startup founders. I understand you because I am you. Startups are my life and have been for a long time. I have been through the trenches in Silicon Valley and lived to tell the stories. Now, my vision is to increase opportunity for all startup creators, including you.

    If you have ever opened an email and read, “We’re sorry to say that your startup was not selected for an interview… Unfortunately we can't give you individual feedback about your application.” If one investor has ever told you, “you can’t create a new market“ and the next one said “the market is too crowded.” If they ever replied, “no thanks”, “not for me”, or never replied at all. Then, Gum is for you.

    Gum is for all startup creators. If you are in the 1% of founders that got funded, congrats, you are welcome here. However, Gum was created for the 99% of founders that spend their time working, hustling, and applying and haven't gotten funded yet. A lot founders never even receive feedback or a thank you. I believe you deserve a solid handshake, a gigantic hug, and a sincere thank you for putting your energy into making the universe a better place. Some of you also deserve checks to keep building your dream, and I am going to make sure that happens.

    Gum is for you. I designed it to help you solve some of your biggest challenges - storytelling, networking, and funding. You can easily create your video stories and share them to apps across the internet. You can get a startup network, collaborate with other creators, and connect with investors. If you feel like you are overlooked, underrepresented, or underrated, you can opt in to a new game. You can compete on a level playing field, win a cohort, and get funded.

    Gum is for all startup creators. I invite you to join now, get in early, and keep moving forward. Stick to your dream.

    Danny Tamez
    Founder & CEO