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    Our mission is to increase opportunity for all startup creators.

    We believe that anyone with vision, drive, & capabilities should be able to start a startup and raise capital to improve the world.

    Our founder, Danny Tamez, is all about startups. He spent 7 years in the trenches of Silicon Valley building social apps, wearable hardware, and Web3 products. In 2019, he led his team to a Top Pick Award at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Now, he helps startups as a Venture Partner at WeFunder & GoingVC, while leading Gum.

    Tamez knows that startups are hard. He undertstands that venture is a game of networks, bias, and unspoken rules. As a founder, he experienced these problems firsthand and imagined a better solution. So, he created Gum to change the game, level the playing field, and give founders a new pathway to success.

    If you have a big idea, now is your time. Gum was created to help you tell your story, make startup friends, and get more shots at raising capital. We invite you to apply today and join the movement.